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Are you up for TikTok?

This week we're rolling out a new task that we're excited to finally tell you about! Wangari's creative studio already works with Cetaphil's Nordic PR, marketing communications and social media - but now TikTok is added to the mix. Cetaphil Sweden has not had its own organic presence on TikTok before, so after a few months of developing a strategy and content plans, it is finally time to start publishing.

But… in reality, strategy is not what will make your brand successful on TikTok. New rules apply here. Many brands have started to find their way forward, while others - quite naturally - are worried about not being able to fully keep the brand experience together or are stuck in the corporate trap.

TikTok is unpolished entertainment, the ability to pick up on trends and a genuine understanding of the behaviors and needs of different target groups. This platform can be a big challenge for brands and marketers who are used to sticking strictly to detailed playbooks and graphic guidelines. But here we all need to think like creators and dare to test. The number of followers is not decisive, but here there are great opportunities to try which kind of content sticks for your particular target group. The creative process is constantly ongoing, and that is what is so exciting.

Our SoMe team under the leadership of Sara & Petra has great experience when it comes to producing content in the studio, coordinating influencers and other external creators and keeping the processes together with a great understanding of our customers' internal structure. Welcome to get in touch if you need help developing your brand's presence in social media, TikTok of course included!

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