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Cake success with Oddlygood & Planti

How to best create attention of the merge between two plant-based brands on a mission to change the world with great taste? We chose to celebrate the new relation with delicious custom-made wedding cakes.

The assignment began earlier this fall with corporate PR around the consolidation, but now it was the consumers' turn to learn about the new alliance. Oddlygood has acquired Planti and among the common denominators is that both brands are highly valued for their good taste.

To reach out widely to the target group flexitarians, we initiated a collaboration with our influencers Beatrice Reiman in Sweden and Mikael Renwall in Finland to create, bake and decorate each a personal version of a wedding cake. The brief was simple and clear; make something that tastes good, think outside the box and have fun along the way!

The result was two delightfully odd wedding cakes, which went into production and were distributed to happy recipients in Finland and Sweden at the end of October. Fun and personal content drove the organic spread from our creators out to the recipients' own channels. The reach exceeded the project's high set goals, and the digital presence also generated greater engagement around the acquisition than we had calculated with.

To summarize, we can state that the recipe for a PR success is strong relationships, a large dose of creativity and really good cakes :)

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