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New in our showroom

Something that distinguishes Wangari Studio from other PR agencies is our focus on social impact, and that we are founders of our own purpose-driven accessory brand. It gives us valuable experience in, among other things, e-commerce, shopping journeys and collaborations that also benefit our customers in the studio.

Right now in our showroom, you´ll find an exclusive collaboration between Wangari Sthlm and Ellas Hjältar for Christmas 2022. The Flash Necklace in solid certified gold symbolizes each person's power to create change. 200 SEK from every purchase goes directly to Ellas Hjältar.

Ellas Hjältar is a fundraising foundation that helps children and families through difficult times. Being able to contribute to fulfilling children's needs and dreams is the most important thing we can think of with our work here in the studio. Together we prove that collaborations creates results!

Welcome to visit us or contact us via e-mail, if you want to know more about how we work to let attention and other KPI´s merge with social sustainability in the brand world.

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