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Nordic campaign for Cetaphil

This week we are rolling out a new campaign for Cetaphil on the Swedish and Norwegian markets. Cetaphil's products are specially adapted for sensitive skin, and Wangari has developed a campaign based on the global concept "We do skin - You do you" that will continue to strengthen the brand and - regarding Sweden - highlight two new products this autumn. The launches are a mild foaming and moisturizing cleanser, as well as an advanced lotion for daily use that restores the skin barrier in just three days. Who doesn't love functional skin care products!

The campaign is visible on Meta's platforms, TikTok, Snapchat, through influencers and is supported by PR. We want to thank Cetaphil and our fantastic collab-partners for the joy of creating communication for a brand that is both caring and highly appreciated.

Cetaphil produkter

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