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Purpose means profit

It's not just us who say that. Report after report proves how old prejudices about purpose-driven business development get outperformed by new proven facts. Purpose-driven work generates profit in more ways than one. Recently, The Argonauts purpose report 2022 landed in our inboxes.

The report shows that purpose-driven companies:

  • Find it easier to attract, engage and retain top talent. 64% of millennials state that they would turn down a job if the employer does not have a strong CSR policy.

  • Shows higher numbers in consumer preferences and loyalty, especially among younger target groups. Two out of three consumers say they would replace a brand they usually buy, if a similar company has a more relevant purpose.

  • Can charge more for their products and show higher profitability here and now. But as much as 64% of the world's consumers state that they would consider boycotting a brand on grounds of social responsibility

For us at Wangari this feels so obvious, but it is still inspiring to see how this conscious development spreads across more areas and reaches deeper at different levels in each organization. If you're not already convinced, we'd like to share this quote from the report.

"Brand Purpose should be an asset, not an afterthought. Profit and purpose are no longer at odds. Perhaps they never were. And, given unmistakable demographic trends, they never will be again.”

Get in touch with us if you want to discuss insights or challenges on the subject, we are 100% dedicated to exactly this.

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