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Together we can do more

Wangari Studio was founded in 2017 with the mission to create social impact through brand development, PR and communication. With Wangari, it should be easier for companies to support non-profit organizations, get help with strategies and commercial concepts for increased social benefit, and to activate collaborations that strengthen both brands and individuals or groups in society. We have now been in business for six years and yet it feels like our journey has only just begun – there is always more to do!

The world around us has perhaps never felt as unsafe as it does now, nor have we been so exposed to the constant stream of dark messages that reach us via social channels as well as through traditional media. We believe it is more important than ever to help organizations do a little more to create positive change. That is why we are stepping in as a sponsor to yet another non-profit organization, someone who focuses on being there when darkness falls and crime occurs. They know that presence truly makes a difference.

Wangari Studio sponsors Nattvandrarna because they exist for Sweden's youth, contribute to security, prevent crime and create solidarity. We want to thank our clients who make it possible, and we don't stop here. Together we can do more.

nattvandrarna och wangari studio logga

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