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Gen Z: about purpose-driven brands

Those who want to communicate with Gen Z (born approx. 1997-2012) certainly need to be aware of their 24/7 behavior in social channels, the impact of influencers and extremely short attention spans when it comes to advertising. But also: All brand owners and marketers should really consider the impact purpose has on this generation's purchasing decisions.

  • Gen Z is 3X more likely to state that a company should aim to improve society and strengthen different communities, rather than "just" providing good products and services

  • They are more likely than ANY other generation to call on brands to make a difference by using their power and influence to actually make an impact on the big issues of our time

  • In Gen Z, as many as 48% base their purchasing decisions on a company's impact on the environment, and 44% on ethical grounds

In conclusion, we can agree that this target group is social, digital and value-driven. A whopping 85% of Gen Z say they are happy to share their positive perceptions of a company that does good. It is both important and valuable to let the purpose be the core, not a random activity, in business development!

(Sources: Cone/Porter Novelli, KAM Media, BBMG & Globe Scan)

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