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What is unique about Wangari Studio?

Welcome to a new year with us at Wangari! Let´s kick off by answering the question what sets us apart from traditional PR and communication agencies.

  • We are focused on purpose-driven brands/projects and help companies to identify, communicate and maximize social benefit through various marketing efforts

  • We have a large network of non-profit organizations in Sweden and internationally, and are experts in forming strategic collaborations/sponsorships between brands and non-profit organizations

  • We have a large and broad network of journalists, editors, influencers and partners, who, like us, are passionate about combining commercial interests with creating value for individuals, society, animals and nature

Of course, we develop strategies, content, campaigns and creative concepts for various platforms, and have just opened the doors to our new showroom on Drottninggatan in Stockholm. You are always welcome by to say hi!

If you are curious about how we can help your brand to increase earned reach, engagement and strengthen relationships with several stakeholders, we are happy to arrange a meeting or provide you with references.

Hope you started 2023 with lots of positive energy and new inspiring goals to reach! We are here to help you when needed.

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