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Worth knowing about Gen X on SoMe

Do you believe Gen X is hard to reach on social? Think again. This week, Wavemaker presented new statistics showing that Gen X is extremely present on social, and to miss them is to miss opportunities for both loyalty and sales. Gen X, now between about 41 and 58 years old, accounts for about 31% of the world's population and approximately 27% of consumption. However, only 4% of the communication industry's research is devoted to this target group!

Just look at this:

- Gen X is on track to become the wealthiest generation ever, with over $70 trillion passed to them from Boomers

- 92% of Gen X use social media every day, half of them are on TikTok

- Only 13% of Gen X feel represented in the social campaigns they see, but when they do, their preference doubles

- Posts from Gen X outperforms other generations' content with that audience, and are on average 75% longer than content from Gen Z and Millennials

In summary, Gen X shows higher loyalty, has a longer attention span and greater engagement than other generations on social media. But let's raise a finger of warning for influencer campaigns towards this target group. There, the statistics are not as positive. 30% lower retention rate, 20% fewer interactions and a whopping 47% lower impact on brand opinion.

No reason to ignore the slightly more mature target group on SoMe, then! Rather the opposite. There are endless opportunities to create real value here.

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