Welcome to Wangari Studio
– Making brands make an impact
Welcome to Wangari. Wangari Sthlms
in-house creative agency.

Strategy & Concept Creation

We support brands, inhouse teams and agencies with strategic and creative competence to identify and strengthen ”WHY” - inside and out

Content & SoMe

Merging twenty years of marketing experience with passion for digital and social media, we fulfill the need for inspiring content through all channels

We help you identify, select and manage collaborations with other brands, rights owners, influencers and nonprofit organizations to create sustainable results


What we do
Helping brands identify, communicate, create and deliver purpose.

PR & micro events

Sharing competence


Our CEO & founder, Linda Häggkvist, is honored to participate in workshops, seminairs and panels regarding purpose driven business and communication, and female entrepreneurship

Great communication is developed from clear objectives, and performed through an optimal mix of earned, paid and owned channels. We´re right here to support you with all that

Our mission is to fulfill marketing needs at the same time as we create social impact, through collaborations with nonprofit organizations all over the world. Let´s talk more about
it in a meeting, right!

Who we are

We are a small team of dedicated brand & marketing specialists, obsessed about contributing to positive change in the world through alliances with other brands and nonprofit organizations. The independent company Wangari Ltd. consists of two business areas; our creative agency Wangari Studio and the purpose driven brand Wangari Sthlm. The company was founded 2017 by Linda Häggkvist, on a mission to create social impact by merging marketing and good causes - through premium products, creative services and inspiring content.


Our work

From strategic tasks to creative campaigns for brands such as Verum, Gainomax, Fjäll, Cetaphil and Pacelab. But also different purpose driven-projects for other agencies and our own brand Wangari Sthlm. We´ll be happy to tell you more about the parts you´re curious of.


Driven by purpose

It was when our founder Linda started to raise money for nonprofit organizations through social media on a personal level, the thought of Wangari was born during 2016. While being in the marketing industry since 2001, she saw the possibility to merge brands and peoples needs with the potential of creating positive change through creative collaborations for good causes.


Sometimes you hear that purpose-driven is just another hyped expression which companies use to earn some short-term benefits. Don´t let those rare cases push you off track. When we work together, driven by purpose and clear objectives, we enable strong communities and measurable results through collaborations. Economic, social and environmental sustainability is our main focus.

We jump out of bed (almost) every morning to continue to tell life changing stories through products, platforms, design and communication. You are more than welcome to join in!


Work with us

Wangari is always looking for the next opportunity to meet extraordinary people. If you represent a brand, a nonprofit organization or just yourself looking for the next step in your career, this is it. PR-driven and digitally skilled project managers are a bit extra welcome at the moment.


Small team – large network

Wangari is on the borderline between being an agency, a brand and a platform for social impact. That may cause some questions (we are used to them), which we are more than happy to answer. Our team has been working with projects on local to global level for almost 20 years, with clients such as Unilever, Unibail Rodamco, Philips TV, Wrigley, AMF, Circle K, Trygg-Hansa, Norrmejerier, SC Johnson and Nestlé.

As the marketing industry are rapidly changing, we´ve establised a set-up based on high capacity but also flexibility to meet versatile needs. This goes for resources as well as marketing channels. Wangari is an independent and 100% dedicated enabler for impact – engaging brands and individuals for as many good causes as possible.


Let´s talk about what we can do for you:



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