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Welcome to Wangari Studio. We help brands make an impact. 



Wangari Studio is a unique and strongly purpose driven PR & communications agency. Our mission is to merge marketing with social good in order to build strong brands and create real change in society. At Wangari we help companies to identify, strengthen and communicate their core values across all levels and in all channels, human to human at all times. 



  • CSR-strategies and concept development 

  • Sponsoring strategies and collabs with NGO´s 

  • Creative ideas, design and campaign planning 

  • PR & showroom representation 

  • Content creation and Social Media management 

  • Purpose driven influencer marketing 



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With previous experience from:
Xlash, Yggdrasil by Sweden, Philips TV, Wrigley, Trygg-Hansa, Tre, AMF, Unilever, Unibail Rodamco, Circle K, Nestlé, Procordia Foods, Procter & Gamble, Botkyrkabyggen, Norrmejerier, Telia, SJ, SBAB, Parks & Resorts, Skistar, Melodifestivalen, Idol, Live Nation, Vårruset, Tjejmilen, Vasaloppet and more. 

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Driven by purpose 

Wangari Studio was founded late 2017, by Linda Häggkvist. With 20+ years of experience from the marketing industry, she decided to let her personal engagement in fundraising become the foundation of the new business. Wangari Studio supports the UN Sustainable Development goal 17:th, aiming to strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize global partnerships for sustainable development. 

During 2022, Sara Furin became the second co-owner of the company meaning that Wangari is still 100% female funded. With strong growth and positive results we continue to show the importance of brands and individuals working together to shape the future by supporting nonprofit organizations. And we continue to emphasize the positive impact results that comes with collaborations for social good. 

Our impact business model 

Wangari Studio is partly an agency and partly a platform for social impact. We believe that our world is facing huge challenges which can not be solved by the government or citizens alone. In this moment of time, we all need to put in the work and use our skills to create positive change. All brands have undoubted power, and Wangari is determined to facilitate ways to use that power to support individuals, communities and societies in need. If one win, we all win. 

Through Wangari, your brand get access to collabs with several more nonprofit organizations and ongoing PR-activities without the need for heavy, exclusivity agreements. We handle all the legal documents and are deeply grateful to be trusted by The Wildhood Foundation, Ung Cancer, Tjejzonen, Giving People and Läkare Utan Gränser (and many more to come) to create commercial activations and collaborations, to support their tremendous work for people and planet. 

At last; no time to waste. We can´t wait to get to know your brand and your needs. Let´s get in touch and start shaping the future together! Click here. 


Our Team.