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Who does what at Wangari? You will find out more about that during the last weeks of the year. First up is our SoMe star Petra Fuhrberg.

For over a year now, Petra has been working as Content Manager here at Wangari Studio. Among other things, she is responsible for annual planning and content agendas together with our customers, leads creative sessions and participates in photo shoots and editing.

Another of Petra's specialist areas is Influencer Marketing. If you need help with research, dialogue, selection, agreements and briefs as well as quality assurance in your work with influencers and Content Creators, Petra is for sure the right person to talk to!

A large Nordic network, a strong passion for social media and a keen sense of how current trends and platforms can be adapted for conscious and value-driven branding are what Petra brings to our clients such as Cetaphil, Oddlygood, CandyKing and Wangari Sthlm on a daily basis.

You are welcome to contact Petra here if you need advice or help with execution in these fast-growing areas.

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