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Increased investment in Social Impact

In our series of coworker presentations, the turn has come to Alva Bernerskog, who started at Wangari Studio in mid-November. For the first time, we extend the team with a dedicated sales and booking role, and Alva made a strong impression from the very first contact.

It is no news that companies that take authentic environmental and social responsibility grow faster than the average. Brands with well-developed ESG policies have grown by 28% over the past five years, compared to 20% growth for brands that lack stated strategies and plans for sustainability. (McKinsey 2023.) Wangari Studio works in an integrated way with PR and social impact to help large and small brands develop and communicate their sustainability initiatives.

Alva has a great interest in business development and marketing, preferably in combination with sustainable fashion and lifestyle. At Wangari Studio, she works with identifying interesting companies for collaborations, and active outreach that helps us increase our awareness and relationship building. With positive energy and a distinct sense of purpose, Alva now complements our growing team in a very obvious way.

You are welcome to contact Alva here if you want to know more about how Wangari Studio can help your brand grow through social engagement and PR!

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