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The most important marketing trends in 2024

We want to thank all clients, partners and followers in our channels for a really good 2023! The year is rounded off with an article where our founder and CEO Linda Häggkvist shares four points with great potential to shape the marketing landscape in the coming year:

- More in the mix! As the digital space becomes increasingly crowded and expensive, we see a return to the broader market mix and creativity as success factors. For example, integrating PR and physical events into the plans increases the effects of what is done in other channels, and creates ripples in the water even with low budgets. One of our clients here at Wangari Studio, for example, has reached over 10 million hits in earned space through always-on PR in 2023, without costing the shirt.

- Empathy beats AI! No, I'm not against development and of course everyone benefits from AI. But if you're concerned about negative effects, robots doing jobs faster and better, feel hopeful in humanity and empathy. Rational arguments are one thing, but emotional factors make communication relevant and interesting over time. Relationships work best when there is heart.

- Authentic influencers! "Do they exist?", the skeptic asks. And there was a time when even I said "never influencer marketing". But then you probably don't understand new behaviors and platforms. By 2024, I believe influencers will have a greater role as storytellers, integrating products into their personal stories, and being ambassadors rather than product/discount signs. We call it value-based influencer marketing, but there are probably a thousand names. The point is the same, that people want genuine experiences and credibility.

- Impact! Of course. Every brand has an opportunity to make the world better, or worse. Make people think better of themselves, or worse. Include, or exclude. The choice may seem obvious, but isn't always if it can't be proven on the bottom line when the books are closed. At this point, we know that all marketing departments do NOT have the time or resources to elevate their social sustainability work as much as there is potential for. And that's okay, because not everyone can do everything. But that is the reason why Wangari exists and has a clear mission. Social benefit must be simple, strong and relevant. With proven business effects.

2024 will be characterized by continued healthy skepticism about brands that talk more than do, but social sustainability is so much more than a trend - and more and more people want to act for positive change! We've only just begun. Our team is now taking a week's collective rest between Christmas and New Year, but is already looking forward to an exciting 2024.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the whole team at Wangari Studio!

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